Conditional Longevity: The Umbrellas

Industrial Design Storytelling, Production

Conditional Longevity asks the question, 'How long should objects last?' through the medium of umbrellas.   

Each of the umbrellas explores different takes on approaching longevity, and users are presented with the impact data, downsides and benefits of each. 

The aim is to open up the debate on which strategies in product design are truly 'best' suited to our needs, and question our own assumptions around what are the best approaches to manufacturing.

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Completed @RCA

Conditional Longevity: The Data

Industrial Lifecycle Analysis, Data Modelling

One key aim of Conditional Longevity was to investigate and prove the environmental impact of different industrial practises.  Looking at lifecycles, carbon dioxide emmissions from materials and processes, I was then able to model the consequences of each umbrella. 

It gave some fascinating and uncomfortable truths; namely that longlasting objects must be used many hundreds of times more than we would naturally use them, in order for them to be worth it in terms of their damaging impact.

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Gifu Collection Tradestand

Creative Direction

Lead design and production supervision of a huge bespoke exhibit of over 170 Japanese artisan products at Maison et Objet in Paris, 2019.

@Gifu Collection

Nang Tunes

Graphics, Animation
2016 - Now

Ongoing string of artwork and moving images for a club night in East London. 


Kanji Collection


An eclectic mix of furniture pieces for Sugiyama based in Gifu, Japan.  Developed whilst at Sebastian Conran’s studio, the forms were rational in construction, but with light touches that reference architecture and Kanji characters, such as this toilet roll holder with a little roof.  


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