Parasol Lamp

Inspired by factory machinery, this innovative design invites you to adjust, direct and finetune light to suit your setting.  Adjust the tensioner, tilt and tighten.

Using a guided pivot to control and fix the position, the dome can rotate on a full 180° axis, allowing you to downlight a room, bounce light off the wall to create atmosphere or to simply read in style.

Assembled in London. Only 30 made.

The aluminium knob & stainless locking nuts are precision made using CNC machining, and finely bead blasted and anodised to give a luxurious finish.

Finally, the custom made coiled cord makes cabling much less messy, and features a satisfying switch designed by Achille Castiglioni in the 1960s.

The mild steel dome was spun in Uxbridge, West London by Gary, a 3rd generation metal spinner.  The tubing, cut from steel seamless tubing in Norfolk is finished by hand and sealed to protect against liquids.

Green & Black

Calm and sophisticated

The muted tones of this lamp compliment living spaces really well.  The ‘Olive drab’ zinc coating is a deep dark hue of green - a finish used on military hardware.  

40 x 40 x 45cm
Earthed with UK plug

Raw & Red

Bold and vibrant

This colourway is gregarious and honest.  Inspired by aerospace hardware fittings in airplanes, the off-red tensioner stands out nicely against the raw steel tube.

40 x 40 x 45cm
Earthed with UK plug

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Charlie Humble-Thomas. 2024